It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I extend a warm welcome to each one of you as we embark on this academic journey at the Kupwara Satellite Campus of the University of Kashmir. Our commitment to excellence in education and fostering a nurturing learning environment is at the forefront of our endeavors. The campus is situated in midst of lush green forests at Wayan, a part of Kahmil  watershed of the Kupwara district. Its serene and enchanting environs make a fervent appeal to all the brilliant minds who are in pursuit of higher education.

As the director, I am dedicated to ensuring that our campus becomes a hub for intellectual growth, innovation, and holistic development. We aim to provide a platform where students can explore their potential, engage in meaningful research, and contribute to the progress of our society.  The campus provides an ideal congenial environment for overall development of one’s personality.

 The campus made a humble beginning by the introduction of two five years integrated courses in Energy Studies and Physics. Another integrated course i.e. Arabic has also being introduced recently. The main emphasis is to provide innovative courses with wide range of job opportunities, marketibility and at the same time having societal relevance also. The mission is to provide quality education at the door steps of the people living in the remote corners of the valley and outside. The campus is in the process of establishing world class infrastructure and state of art equipment, so that students are adequately equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in order to carve a niche for themselves. Our dedicated faculty members are here to inspire and guide the students on their academic journey. Together, let us build a community that values diversity, embraces challenges, celebrates achievements and inculcates the spirit of social service and nation building in all of us.

I encourage all the students  to actively participate in the various academic and extracurricular activities that our campus offers.  Their unique perspectives and talents will undoubtedly enrich the vibrant tapestry of our academic community.


Let us work collaboratively towards shaping a future where knowledge knows no bounds and the Kupwara Satellite Campus stands as a beacon of educational excellence.

Wishing you all a successful and fulfilling academic year.


Prof. Pervez  Ahmed


 Kupwara Satellite Campus

University of Kashmir

Prof. Pervez Ahmed